Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hi there! Welcome to the home of Shinzoune Reo!

Hi! This is Shinzoune Reo's  OFFICIAL website! I am his creator, Chizu. I am most active on YouTube, so contact me there if you can.

Reo is my first UTAU. His design has been kept secret for a while and I still don't know when I'll reveal it! But in my earlier YouTube videos his hair was short on the front, and now its not. I love to draw but i still don't have DA account. (My mom won't let me.) . His personality is a little bit of a secret too? Nah, I'll tell you.

Reo is the cool type and he is also a smart-ass. He is 13 years old. He'll talk back if you are scolding him or if you say something that doesn't make sense. He is every girl's dream boy, so girls crush on him a lot. He can get along with anyone but can come off really cold if you are a new face to him. He is very stubborn. He was born on January 19. (Maybe he can be a shota). He can play the piano, violin, guitar, bass and drums. He always gets good grades, is good at sports and when he wants something, he will try everything to get it.

He was going to have a twin sister, but I killed that project.

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